Tremont Investment Ltd. is an independent property advisory company with strong links to international family offices, high net worth individuals and charitable foundations. The core strength of the firm is our ability to circumvent any intercultural gap which may occurs when one attempts to invest in a non-domestic environment. It is not only the different language. The differences in culture and market practice can be extensive. Tremont’s long-term experience enables us to read between the lines and avoid obstacles before they become problems. Tremont has undertaken investment transactions in Germany worth over EUR 1 billion on behalf of investors from the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland. On the back of this experience in acting for international investors in Germany, we have now opened a branch in Edinburgh. The focus will be to attract investors and capital from Germany and the Eurozone to the UK. Our role will be to not only identify the right product, but also to provide a safe pair of hands when managing the investments of our clients from abroad. In parallel, we will continue to introduce business opportunities in Germany to UK Investors. Our clients have ongoing requirements for both core and opportunistic investment opportunities.