TREMONT INVESTMENT is an investment management company based in Edinburgh, which advises international investors on residential transactions in the UK. The focus of activities is the Scottish market with the metropolis Edinburgh. The founder and managing director is the real estate consultant Peter Pilz, who has been living and working in the Scottish metropolis since September 2020 and primarily advises continental European investors on all questions relating to real estate capital investments in the United Kingdom.


I’m a real estate professional from head to toe, thinking analytically and strategically, acting thoughtfully and quickly. With this mix, I was successful in Germany for more than thirty years as a consultant and dealmaker. My work focused on UK investors with the allocation target of Germany.

With the relocation of my company to Scotland, I am making a change of perspective and am now bringing German and European capital to the UK and to a new growth market: rental properties.


Real estate is considered to be one of the most attractive capital investment opportunities with an adequate return potential. Location and diversification are important factors here. The Scottish real estate market has proven to be resilient to crises and offers interesting urban development and new construction projects, especially in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Our office is located in the heart of Edinburgh and we have excellent connections with local players.


In continental Europe there are many reservations about the UK – and many untruths persist. One thinks of whisky, sheep in green meadows and economic performance somewhere between Greece and Portugal. In fact, Scotland, a country of 5 million inhabitants has a very broad economic base and the real estate market is extremely transparent thanks to highly advanced digitalisation in the public sector.

Now is the time to invest here!


The BTR, the build to rent market is an important but, in some cases, new asset class for investors in the UK. The proportion of tenant households is steadily increasing, especially in the metropolitan areas. The growing demand is being driven primarily by mobile user groups such as students and young professionals who do not want to be tied to one location through ownership. Their share of the housing market has grown noticeably as a result of company settlements in the high-tech sector. The residential real estate market is in comparison to Germany relatively unregulated and the case law is landlord-friendly.

Talk to us, we would be happy to advise you!


We advise and support investors with an investment focus to the UK – and especially Scotland – on all questions and phases of the capital investment:

+ Country and market know-how
+ Object acquisition
+ Financing advice
+ Real estate appraisal
+ Transaction advice and support
+ Due diligence
+ Object management

With high local and technical expertise, we are your partner for your investment in the UK!